Hi I’m tipsy and writing about shady old dudes doing the do how are you spending your evening


"Mentally ill/disabled people need to stop wallowing and take some initiative!"

That’s nice. Ya wanna pay for my therapy, shit-bag?



Demeaning somebody’s work for its prevalent Eastern Animation influence when the half of your blog that isn’t reactionary bullshit is anime fanart.



I really love my girlfriend, holy shit

And since we’ve been friends for so long, our bond is already strong enough that we don’t feel like we have to be talking all the time, sometimes just sharing stuff we like is enough. It’s very relaxing and honestly everything I needed, while at the same time we both work hard to keep one anothers’ self confidence up.

She listens to me and thinks the things I have to say are worthwhile - she doesn’t argue just for argument’s sake, but she doesn’t just go along mindlessly, either - she has intelligent things to add. I don’t feel pressured in any way - I simply feel supported.


i literally can’t think of anything worse than wronging somebody in a way you can’t even apologize for.


i wish t. had, instead of a million iterations of “maybe you’re a selfish prick”, said “maybe you’re just not in love,” when i was having problems with c.

because how i feel about a. proves beyond a doubt that i can find others interesting and their needs worth meeting


when did this blog go from angry socially unacceptable passive aggressive rants to gross creeper-blogging


i love how the fact that i am into MBTI and the fact that i naturally read into peoples’ behavior means i ain’t allowed to get mad at OKC dude bros for saying i’m into horror art because of repressed trauma

i love you but i hate how black and white you think sometimes, girl


i’m not even MAD at her in any way right now

it’s just tiring to be misunderstood by one’s friends and then furthermore unable to GET them to understand


i have a friend who i really love and respect a lot, recently we had some issues but we more or less resolved them

there are things i want to address but i don’t feel like it’s relevant or appropriate anymore but i’m still miffed that when i was having problems with C she talked to me like i’d never had a relationship before and called me “selfish” and “rude” for wanting to leave a relationship that was in no way satisfying me and also, i still feel like a huge chunk of her conception of me is based on her first impressions and assumptions and it feels like she hasn’t listened to much of anything i’ve said after that initial 60-day window of forming those impressions and it’s still really upsetting to me at times because i HAVE LAYERS, DAMMIT and it often feels like she is refusing to acknowledge them

she jumps to conclusions too much with me and it feels like she thinks open-endedly about everybody else, and i just feel like it’s kind of unfair but she’s really special and cool to talk to but it’s like

a third of her conversations with me are really one sided - i literally can’t get a word in - and i can’t have a serious conversation with her without getting scolded and then she thinks ~I~ am bad with people?! if she spent more time actually interacting back and forth with me and actually bothering to absorb the things i say rather than just going off of her first impressions and my blog, this probably wouldn’t be a problem at all because i know she is a person of substance and principles

a person of substance and principles who sometimes does a lot of really annoying assuming and projecting behavior